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We are a music production team that specializes in music for media ranging from film and television to video-games and advertising campaigns. Based out of our main facility in Los Angeles, CA, our team consists of professionals both here in the US and abroad, highly trained in their respective fields, allowing us to utilize a unique workflow that delivers the highest artistic integrity to our clients and also enables us to frequently incorporate unique and fresh instruments, not readily available here in the States.

Utilizing the latest in technology, we have worked on multiple productions in over six countries worldwide. We have local offices in three countries, giving us the flexibility of adjusting productions to fit all of your project needs, while maintaining the highest quality work.


Our approach to every project is to create a unique sonic identity for each one, giving each a unique signature sound and style, whether it be a film, video-game or commercial campaign. We frequently record custom sounds and experiment with rare instruments and textures to find the right sound for your project.

OUR SERVICES include both custom score and licensing of existing tracks from our extensive catalogue. We also frequently collaborate with numerous artists worldwide on album projects ranging from rock to electronic and ambient, and from producing to writing, arranging, recording and mixing.


ALKALOIDE MUSIC PRODUCTIONS is home to a wide range of experienced and versatile composers, orchestrators, ambient designers and engineers. Together, we can provide you with any style of music, customized to fit your project needs. We have, and continue to provide scores for film and TV productions, video-games as well as trailers and commercials worldwide.


Likewise, ALKALOIDE MUSIC’s library contains an extensive selection of premium quality tracks to choose from whether your needs are orchestral, rock, electronic or anywhere in between. Our team is also available to work with you to choose the right tracks for your projects.

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